Ganga Kutir, Raichak on the Ganges

The main project proposed at this meeting was a combination of an executive retreat for Ambuja Realty and weekend family residence for the Chairman of the company. The reclaimed site on the Hooghly is to be used for the purpose with an access from the existing development of the company.

The complex is to have an architecture that is non-architectural. Essentially it should not be imposing and soothing and easy on the senses. The architecture will exist as stylish background the main activity of loving.

Very simple materials and technology is to be used in the construction, such as polished cement or terrazzo floors and simple hipped and sloping roofs to cover what will essentially appear as a group of village residences on the edge of the river.  The gardens too are to be landscaped so that the whole blends easily with the existing neighbor hood of village farming and fisherman’s residences.

All the covered structures to be around 40,000 sq ft in area. The common facilities to be reasonably generous with the private rooms being small to encourage the participation in common activities. The family rooms to be a little more generous than the other rooms.

(This project design owned by MICD Associates, Sri Lanka. Kaushik Mukherjee was resident architect for this project)


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