Private Residence 01, Bangalore

The Courtyard House

The site is approached through a private lane, off the busy Miller’s Road, which is one of the major arterial roads of Bangalore city.

The design is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional courtyard house of Southern India. All the spaces look into a courtyard enclosed by a granite screen that forms the nucleus of the house.

The garage and the forecourt are placed in the front as a buffer from the road. The ground floor of the house comprises of the lobby, living, and kitchen, all wrapped around the courtyard, which has a tree at its centre. The upper floors accommodate a double-height library flanked by bedrooms on either side. The service and staff areas are in the basement, which is accessed by a flight of stairs adjacent to the kitchen court.

Three elements– pigmented cement plaster, wood, and granite– seamlessly bring the house together, while lending an air of quiet sophistication. 

 (This project design owned by MICD Associates, Sri Lanka. Kaushik Mukherjee was resident architect for this project)


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