Warwick Gardens, Ambewella, Sri Lanka

Tucked away from the popular tourist destination of Nuware Eliya close to  Ambewella farm is the Warwick Gardens, a restored, 118 year-old, Scottish-style, English planter’s bungalow and garden estate. The bungalow, bought by a hotelier couple as a country retreat, has now been converted into an eco-hotel.

The house and tea estates, which spread over 30 acres, have been renovated extensively to suit the needs of a modern family, without altering the basic character of the architecture and site. The plush interiors are designed to reflect the personal style of the clients, and of the history of the house. Minor changes have been made to the façade by adding an extra bedroom.

The five bedrooms, and common living and dining areas, provide an intimate setting for like-minded people to interact. Art and objects collected by the clients lend the warmth of a family home and make visitors feel as though they are the private guests of the owners. Many of the pieces of antique furniture (now restored) came with original house. The garage overlooking the picturesque valleys and tea estates has been converted into an outdoor lounge for guests. An organic farm on-site supplies fresh organic produce to residents.

(This project design owned by MICD Associates, Sri Lanka. Kaushik Mukherjee was resident architect for this project)


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