Walled Garden, Bangalore


This private  garden is conceptualized as a blend of pleasure garden of London in 18th and 19th C(Vauxhall) and the tropical gardens of Sri Lanka(Lunuganga). The garden is divided into various functional sections such as, guest room ensuite and spa room(existing annexe block),card room, pool changing room, bar area and the living/ dining pavilion spread over  close to half an acre, cocooned in between the high rise UB City and Brewery Towers in heart of Bangalore.

Look and Feel

The floating almost invisible steel pavilions provide the cover from the monsoon, set against the backdrop of wild tropical planting and the pool deck.

Mirror Pavillion (Sheesh Mahal): The main pavilion in the garden, which houses the seating  and dining area is almost treated like mirrored hall, reflecting the greens around, giving it a feel of jewel like delicateness and sparkle.

Planting Philosophy

The planting in the Walled Garden was designed to reflect Bangalore’s diversity of tree species and phenomena of serial blossoming (at least one variety of tree is in bloom for most parts of the year ), within intense bursts of planting areas, to contrast with the contemporary steel pavilions. Our philosophy was that the garden needs to on the edge of being decadent, as if the pavilions were created within a mature garden.





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