Private Retreat, Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

Coonoor provides for a perfect getaway for our clients, who are ardent golfers  and nature lovers. Mariwala house in Coonoor(conceived as  a retreat) is spread over an acre of land looking into one of the magnificent views of the Coonoor Valley. The house attained its form by meticulously placing the functions over the site, keeping into account the magnificent view and the lands topography and rock formations. Every space in the house tries to maximize the view and the utility of the immediate landscape.

In the process of design development the house emerged with a central court dividing the house into two blocks; Living block(semi private) and Bedroom block(private). The central court is designed in such a way that it connects the lower level and upper level landscape patches and also conserves the natural system of water flow.Starting from the upper level dense tree plantation, following into a common water body between the bedrooms, looking into a pictures sloping garden, connecting the lower level lobby landscape and merging into the sloping tea plantations, is a well thought landscape strategy the guided the built development.

The Living block opens into various spillover spaces to extend the numerous activities into different the landscape areas and beautifully frames the valley view for all season.  The Living block also consists of the Kitchen and other utilities at the lower level for appropriate servicing connectivity. On the other hand the bedroom block has been segregated from the living block and placed at the highest level of the site for more privacy and also to facilitate the view of the valley.

The house provides substantial opportunities for the clients to not only have a leisurely stay, but also to find immense joy from the nature and climate of Coonoor.


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