Office Interiors 01, Bangalore

Having designed a pleasure garden and home for the same client, we were asked to design the interiors for Marketing, Sales and Accounts office for Garment Manufacturing Unit in Bangalore. It was challenge bestowed on us considering the mundane office interiors which they were used to, but not very happy with.

Open floor plate of 8000 sq. ft. area functionally distributed for workstation areas, semi private cabin spaces, private cabin spaces and conference rooms

Idea was to create easy to maintain clean and clear functional spaces, enriched in well ventilated and properly lit work environment

The work space is further divided with low height partition in translucent wired glass to maximize light penetration and provide enough privacy while at work. Ample storage space distributed as requirements and to add privacy for individual work area

Andhra Leather Puppetry art work enlarged on storage shutters integrates the whole space and brings out a greater warmth for otherwise a mundane office space

Moreover,  this local south Indian art form and figurines seems to engage the likes of the workforce from this same region

We, as designers, wanted to get away from the typical commercial office interiors which we feel is done to death and explore options with more robust and local materials and finishes.

Attempt was to design a work space which appeals to the people using the space, without being intimidating in design.


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