Banyan Court Residency, Pilarne, Goa

The Banyan Tree Residency  is a residential development  placed in the most beautiful part of inland Goa. It is on the edge of the last unspoiled wilderness of Pilerne Village and the endless paddy fields, with distant views of the hills in the horizon. It is also a short ____ walk/ drive from the Candolim beach, well known for nightclubs and attractive restaurants.

We have made a conscious attempt to blend in with the milieu of the surrounding village dwellings and provide the look and feel of being a part of the larger fabric of the region.

The architecture of the region is mainly made from the simple materials found in the region for most dwellings of farmers and villagers, while the more permanent and grander buildings have Portuguese influence in scale and details.

Large roofs with deep overhangs with wide verandahs to keep out the sun in summers and rain in torrential monsoons were the principle feature of architecture of the region.

The more permanent dwellings are of Laterite blocks walls, lime sand mortar and plaster walls with burnt terracotta tile roofing on Palmyra or coconut timber roof frame.

The architecture of the project has been inspired by amalgamation of above-mentioned features and promises to provide the dweller with timeless experience of country living in the lap of lush tropical nature.


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